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Website Statistics and Analytics

To keep my website as useful, easy and enjoyable to navigate as possible, I use Google Analytics in association with's own web statistics on numbers of visits to the site.

These tools help me to learn how many people have looked at my website, as well as how many people make return visits.'s statistics show:
  • Pages (“Hits”). The number of clicks made while people have been on this site.
  • Users. The number of different people who have visited this site.
  • Visits. This is the number of times the site has been viewed.

Google Analytics I use include:
  • Numbers of new visits to the site.
  • Numbers of people who have returned to the site.
  • Countries the most visits to the site are from.
  • Internet browser you use.

Privacy is very important to me. If you would like more information on what Google Anaylitics collects, please visit their website:
Or, for information on how to change your own internet settings:
To get the Google Analytics opt out tool: